I try to bring a sense of truth and reality to each of my books—whether they're adventure, fantasy, mystery, thriller, or steampunk.

My respect for the reader, regardless of their age, has never permitted me to offer anything less.

A Writer's World

When The Muse targets you as a writer, you have to write. There is no other option. I was targeted to be a fiction writer many years ago, and specifically as a writer of middle grade and young adult fiction. I have been writing ever since. My writing is targeted at the middle grade and young adult age groups, and it includes a variety of adventure, mystery, thriller, and even steampunk genres.

Although an internet presence doesn't necessarily fit into the middle grade and young adult fiction writing category, for several years now people have been asking me if I have a website. As of April 26, 2014, I can proudly answer that question in the affirmative.

And today, I offer a warm and friendly welcome to you, my dear reader. I hope you will stay a while, and perhaps find something magical to enchant you. Or perhaps something scary, if that's your cup of tea. Either way, I hope you enjoy your adventure into the worlds of Cornell DeVille!

You may be pleased to know that you are visitor number...